Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Welcome to My Tent!

Welcome to my blog in my tent! 

A tent where I would like to see myself!
(Image from rajtents.com)
As I type those words I begin to wonder whom it is that I am welcoming - for whom am I writing this blog? Obviously every reader is welcome - thank you for reading, and possibly commenting - but like every author, I would do well to have a picture in my mind of my imaginary reader, what kind of audience I am hoping to reach. 

Having myself gone through the process of becoming religiously observant, and having taught many other such beginners - both youngsters and adults - for many years, I think I naturally tend to gravitate towards those who are seeking for answers and looking for guidance.

At the same time, having lived and worked and made friends for even more years as an established member of a frum community, I also would like, somehow, to reach out to my peers - other Torah observant women who like to think and ponder and discuss. And laugh!

Perhaps it is the teacher in me (by natural inclination and force of habit; not by training), who wants to get up and preach, elaborate, and inspire. If I were actually able to do that - inspire somebody - it would be the most marvelous thing I could ever hope for!

But mostly, I just want to share some of my thoughts and observations with others - my female viewpoints regarding life, religion, marriage, motherhood - you know, the little things! 

Ultimately, I suppose, my reader is anyone who's willing to put up with it.
So, thank you for putting up with it so far! 
Hope to see you again!

Shalom Uv'racha!

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